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Light this healing Wellness Candle® to create an empowering and uplifting environment that promotes courage and eases tension. This sweet and herbaceous aromatic blend of basil, fennel and tangerine infused with tiger’s eye will shield you with a calming and confident energy. $25 retail value.

each month they’ll get:

  • 3”+ Natural Crystal
  • 8oz Glass Wellness Candle®
  • Crystal Intention Guide


A large 3+ inch, freestanding, polished Tiger’s Eye tower with stunning gold and yellow hues. Tiger’s Eye is known as the crystal of protection for its ability to repel negativity and unwanted energy while helping to ground and stabilize the soul. Use this powerful crystal to wipe away stress and anxiety, transforming toxic feelings into courage and self-confidence. $45 retail value.

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A nurturing & healing monthly experience

Each month your box will feature a powerful new intention and include a large 3+ inch ethically sourced natural crystal, a healing Wellness Candle® and beautiful Crystal Intention Guide. See what’s included below!

8oz Glass
Wellness Candle®

3”+ Ethically Sourced Natural Crystal

Monthly Crystal Intention Guide

Access to Private Collection & Crystal Candle Specials

$70+in retail value