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Rare Chevron Amethyst Point (Brazil)

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Magnificent 2.25″ rare chevron Amethyst point from Brazil.

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A chevron amethyst point is a beautiful combination of white quartz and amethyst that have blended together naturally. Although both very spiritual healing crystals, they each have their own properties that guide you to spiritual understanding in different ways, which makes them very powerful together. The chevron amethyst meaning is to bring inner strength and repel negative energies, guiding you to a deeper understanding of the universe and your self.

We’ve all experienced wanting materialistic things and overindulging in behaviors, but these things detract from our personal journal. Amethyst is known as the “all-healer.” It has the ability to smooth all of life’s challenges that prevent us from realizing our highest self. It separates us from our attachments to materialistic things and prevents us from living in excess, making it is especially useful for those with addictions. By lessoning these influences from the world, our minds are free to explore deeper states of meditation.

Using a chevron amethyst point boosts creativity and focuses the thought patterns. This not only allows new ideas to come to you, but also to bring them to life. On a more spiritual level, you can channel the amethyst healing properties to magnify your intentions, which can help you achieve your goals quicker, strengthen spiritual growth or receive spiritual guidance. Carrying amethyst with you will also help you carry the peace experience during meditation into the world.

A powerful way to use a chevron amethyst point is to place it between both palms while chanting mantra. The high vibration energy of the crystal in combination with the vibration of the mantra will enhance your meditation. You could also place it on an altar and pair it with incense to create powerful vibration energy for your meditation.

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SHIPS IMMEDIATELY! Shipping Insurance included.

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